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Dry lips affect everyone for many reasons: as a side effect from medications, illnesses, weather, and even genetics! 

Typical balms and treatments only exasperate the problem with waxes that sit topically without penetrating, as well as flashy ingredients like peppermint and menthol for that tingly sensation, but these ingredients don't provide the lips with what they need to heal and hydrate on their own.

This ends in having to apply over and over, and these waxes only retain existing moisture (or in this case, lack thereof!). The result? Dry lips, endless applications, no relief, and tingly cracked lips.

Cue our Founder, Briana Brumer

Briana suffered from severe dry lips for years, even unable to sleep through the night from the burning sensation caused by the dehydration. After having tried endless lip products, both drugstore and luxury, nothing worked, and she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps (a renowned inventor, chemist and founder of Lambert Kay) to develop a product that would be a solution for everyone.

After years of research and testing, LIPSMART was released

And boomed in the medical industry's dermatology offices, pharmacies, and medical spas as the go-to product for lips. Quickly LIPSMART became a staple in the beauty industry, filtering into spas, plastic surgery offices, esthetic practices,  and even dentistry!



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