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The Difference

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Typical lip balms tend to only temporarily condition the skin, or wax the lips over to seal in any moisture left in them, but don't do much to address the real problem - damage to collagen, the lips' natural barrier, and a lack of moisture.

It's also easy to also be lured in with tints, minty effects, or flavors, but in the end these balms provide short-lived, temporary relief that only exasperates the problem.


Why Your Lips are So Dry in the First Place

Stress, weather (cold or hot), medications, and even bad habits like licking your lips can lead them to start drying out. Once dry, your lips can easily damage themselves with smiling, eating, picking, etc., worsening the cycle.

When we leave our lips dry, over time collagen starts to break down, the lips' natural moisture-retaining barrier starts to fall apart.

By the time you're putting on that drugstore lip balm, the waxes they use to retain moisture do nothing to remedy the dryness and damage underneath. The result is temporary topical moisture, and the need to re-apply endlessly in a day, for barely any relief.


The LIPSMART Formula

Our peptide and ceramide rich formula hand in hand with natural soy proteins kicks collagen production into high gear, while also helping to repair the lips natural protective barrierCollagen plumps the lips back up naturally, while the natural barrier provides protection, and retention of moisture.

We put our lips through a lot of abuse, and over time that barrier becomes broken and lacking. LIPSMART not only helps the lips to repair that damage on their own, but takes it to the next level with Tribehenin, which will quickly soften and moisturize the skin before sealing the good stuff in.

With the magic mix locked in, it will continuously bring in more moisture throughout the day, for long-lasting hydration.


The Result?

Next-level hydration, long-lasting relief, and smooth, soft, naturally plump lips in just a minute. Watch LIPSMART transform the lips of a medical doctor in her fourth year of residency, visiting our booth live at a medical tradeshow:


Your solution for all lip concerns ~

LIPSMART's versatile formula tackles all lip concerns by eliminating the cause - dryness. All the while, our formula is

  • Gluten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Dermatologist recommended (of course!)
  • and Cruelty Free!


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