The Science Behind Chapped Lips and the LipSmart Solution

From eating to kissing, your lips are an important part of your body. That’s why it should be no surprise that you need to care of them. Not only do dry and chapped lips look bad, but they leave you extremely inconvenienced too. That’s why if you notice that there is something wrong with your lips, you need to invest in LipSmart, as this product helps with lip health.

The way our lips are made, they lose moisture roughly 3 to 10 times quicker than any other feature on the body. However, the most common reason behind dry lips is the weather. In particular, the dry winter air can cause you to lose a lot of moisture in your lips fast. Besides the dry winter air, exposure to the sun can also have the same kind of effect.

Another reason why lips are often chapped is because individuals breathe through their mouth. This is why people tend to get dry lips when they talk too much. When there is some kind of air constantly going over the lips, like when you’re speaking or breathing through the mouth when your nose is blocked, you may end up with chapped lips. The same applies for those times you are caught snoring.

Medicines like levothyroxine, which is used for hypothyrodism, as well as Accutane for acne and wrinkles, have all been known to list dry lips as one of their side effects. Those taking these medications may even notice their lips cracking or puffing up. While this doesn’t occur in everyone who uses these medicines, it has been seen to happen.

Whether you experience dry lips thanks to the fact that you breathe through your mouth, the medications you are taking, or the weather you are dealing with, it is important to remember that there are ways you can receive relief from this nuisance. After all, we can’t avoid these factors altogether. It is not practical. That’s why when individuals put LipSmart on their lips and avoid all of these triggers for dry lips, the health of the lips will be dramatically improved.

However, LipSmart doesn’t only work at improving the health of the lips but also the look of them. LipSmart has the right ingredients in it to keep your lips hydrated and moist, making them appear much more plump and attractive. When you are looking for the most important solution to prevent dry lips, LipSmart is the product you need.