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LIPSMART is currently distributed in 14 countries, providing a solution for all dry lip concerns one customer at a time.

Dry lips affect everyone, but can be especially prevalent as a side effect from medications, illnesses, weather or simply as a lack of hydration.

People usually turn to over-the-counter products that only mask the problem. Our product delivers a natural and healthy balance of powerful ingredients that not only restore and retain the moisture content of your lips, but also provide consistent hydration for longer periods.

The Founder

About Briana Brumer

Briana Brumer the founder of LIPSMART suffered with severe dry lips for years before deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps (a renowned inventor, chemist and founder of Lambert Kay) by developing a product that would be a solution for her dry lip concerns.

After researching, testing and sourcing the highest quality of clinically proven ingredients from both biotech and botanical origins, LIPSMART was born.

Although LIPSMART was developed for her own personal reasons, she quickly learned this product delivers intense moisture to heal and nourish dry, cracked and deflated lips with its innovative technology.


LIPSMART proves to be unlike any other product in the market. Our secret lies in the research and dedication we put into our product.