LipSmart Testimonials

I bought LipSmart on impulse at a salon a few weeks back. I was a little shocked by the price, but I'd already committed.

I am so glad I did! I was considering lip filler but after using this product it's not necessary. Completely plumped my lips, and my lip color lasts much longer when I use them together.

Fantastic buy!

Brittney S.

LIPSMART founder, Briana Brumer, truly understands the science of beauty and what women want from their product. Unlike other lip plumpers, LIPSMART works without stinging and irritating the lips. The genius of the product lies in the combination of ingredients, that allow the restoration of collagen while smoothing and hydrating the lips. Our patients love the fact that it is such a luxurious moisturizer without being thick and sticky.

LIPSMART instantly became a bestseller at Miami Plastic Surgery and I eagerly looking forward to Briana’s expansion of the line, as it will no doubt prove to be a hit.

Dr. Carlos L. Wolf Board Certified Facial Surgeon
Miami Plastic Surgery

I was introduced to LIPSMART by one of our patients. After I injected her lips with a filler, she took it out of her purse and immediately applied it. I ordered it and we cannot keep it in stock! It not only moisturizes the lips, but rejuvenates them and plumps them up without stinging, burning or numbing your lips. It’s a high grade cosmeceutical product with natural ingredients derived from fruits and vitamins. I highly recommend it to be used daily.

Dr. Janice Lima-Maribona Board Certified Dermatologist
Bay Pointe Dermatology and Cosmetic Center

I wanted to follow up and let you know that we are loving the product here in Sarasota, and our clients are really liking it too. Our estheticians have gotten rave reviews from their regulars, and have been able to recommend it to all of their guests. I, myself am a big fan. I constantly need chapstick and lip-gloss, and this product just goes hand in hand – one and done as I say. No need for multiple products! We will be placing another order in August.

Adela Veljacic Spa Supervisor
The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Sarasota

LIPSMART ranks as one of our best sellers in all twelve of our locations. It is a proven solution for enhancing the health and fullness of lips. Our customers really enjoy LIPSMART, and the best testimonial is the continued repeat purchases and recommendations. Women (and many men) of all ages can use and benefit from using LIPSMART, as it instantly relieves dryness and produces a beautiful, healthy, full lip, without irritants. LIPSMART’s hydrating technology stimulates collagen production and combats daily moisture loss to provide you with longer lasting results.

Oliver A. Garfield Vice President
Cos Bar
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