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How Hyaluronic Acid and LipSmart Can Jump-Start Your Beauty Routine

In the medical field, hyaluronic acid is used to restore moisture and softness to skin damaged by various conditions or by exposure to sun or wind. This substance is naturally produced in the human body and provides necessary lubrication for joints and cartilage. Hyaluronic acid is essential to tissue repair both for the top layers of the epidermis and the dermis layers of skin below. LipSmart products deliver exceptional hydration to stimulate your body’s own natural production of hyaluronic acid to promote softer, more beautiful lips. By putting your body’s own healing power to work to create silky smooth lips, you can look and feel your best every day.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid was first discovered in 1934 by veterinary researchers who were investigating the cellular makeup of animal eyes. Also referred to as hyaluronan, this carbohydrate molecule is classified as a biopolymer with a high molecular weight. This relative bulk and its inherent hydrophilic properties are key factors in the ability of hyaluronic acid to provide lubrication and buffering for eyes, joints and other areas of the body. It also offers exceptional hydrating power to help keep skin supple and lips soft and smooth.

How Hyaluronic Acid Works

In the human body, hyaluronic acid molecules form a protective and lubricating coat around cells and can bond with other molecules that absorb water to create a cushioning and lubricating effect on joints, skin and other areas of the body. By attracting and holding on to water, hyaluronic acid can provide a fuller look for your lips and the surrounding areas. When the stored water is released, it can provide added hydration to ensure that your skin looks radiant and feels silky smooth. The active ingredients in LIPSMART are designed specifically to boost the natural levels of hyaluronic acid within your lips to create fullness and to increase your innate allure.

LIPSMART is formulated with naturally fragrant fruit extracts and contains a combination of amino acids, glycolipids and plant-derived conditioning agents to rejuvenate your lips and restore fullness. This unique blend of moisturizing ingredients and anti-aging compounds can boost your body’s own natural healing power to create a more beautiful you from the inside out. By making LIPSMART products a part of your basic skin care routine, you can enhance the appearance of your lips while looking radiant and beautiful every day.