LipSmart Testimonials

LIPSMART – I can describe it in one word…”Amazing!” For those who don’t know what LIPSMART is, I will tell you. It’s a revolutionary new lip treatment and volumizer. I have been using it for over a month now and I Love it! I use it every day by itself and even under lipstick when I want some color.

My lips look smooth and full of life! They have a beautiful natural volume and smooth and silky. My daughter used it one day and she thought she was going to keep it and, well let’s just say I didn’t let her! She is in her twenties and her lips are already smooth and gorgeous. She said it instantly made her lips feel hydrated without that sticky ‘Vaseline’ feel to them. So, in closing if you haven’t’ tried this amazing product, I strongly recommend you do!

Sherri L. Licensed Cosmetologist 20+ years experience
Beauty Care Choices Blog

Love the smooth texture but the smell is my favorite

Kathy S.

I have cold sores and usually don’t like using anything but chap stick, this is a total luxury and really makes my lips feel better…no cold sores yet…maybe it’s a miracle cure…stay tuned.

Karen C.

It’s simply delicious and luscious and makes my lips feel smooth and kissable!

Johnna C.

I am a purest and only use organic products on my face. This was fun to play with though and I think may have actually made my lips a little fuller. Is that possible?

Elizabeth B.